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Love Derailed - The Podcast

Spilling the tea on 'the ones that got away'

Welcome aboard the "Love Derailed" express, where heartbreak gets exposed with a splash of wit, a dash of drama and a wee bit of science thrown in.


Now, you might be wondering, why the obsession with heartbreak? Well, let's face it – heartbreak is the Shakespearean tragedy of real life. It's that plot twist that makes us ugly-cry, binge-eat tip top, and occasionally, write angst-ridden poetry at 2am. It's oddly comforting to know we're not alone and heartbreak is so often the headliner of morning tea break.

Heartbreak is the pop culture sensation that refuses to leave the stage. It's the reason Adele's albums are practically required listening after a breakup, and why romantic comedies make millions.

We revel in the collective experience of love's unravelling because, let's be honest, who doesn't love a good cry and a hearty laugh all in one go?


"Love Derailed" isn't just about showcasing heartbreak; it's about turning it into a communal celebration, complete with a playlist for those emotional moments when Facebook stalking 'the one that got away' isn’t enough.

In each episode, we unravel the deepest, darkest secrets of, "The one that got away," weaving together a tapestry of love, loss, and a pinch of heartache humour. Picture your favourite rom-com turned upside down, as we navigate through real-life letters from listeners.


This is not your grandma's love story; (although it could be) it's a train ride (or trainwreck) through the labyrinth of the untamed, unpredictable nature of the human heart. So, buckle up, for a journey where the only predictable thing is the unpredictability of lost love.

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